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We Are at the Intersection of Biology, Chemistry and Sustainable Technologies

Zenfold Sustainable Technologies (ZST) is a specialty and fine chemicals manufacturing company committed to sustainable solutions. Established in September 2021, we have headquarters in Bengaluru, India, and facilities in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.
We differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our commitment to clean, green and environmentally sustainable technologies that are also cost-effective.
We value innovation in everything we do — be it developing new products for our in-house product portfolio or technologies and collaborations. A large part of our R&D effort is towards developing processes are both sustainable and efficient.
Our expertise lies in our hybridized approach, using three core technologies — green chemistry, synthetic biology and biotransformation. At the intersection of these cutting-edge technologies, lies our unique offerings and value proposition to the pharma sector.


Iosynth: Our Biotech Lab Specialized in Biocatalysis and Fermentation

Iosynth Labs Pvt. Ltd. is our wholly-owned subsidiary based in Bengaluru. Iosynth’s core focus is on developing sustainable technologies using biotransformation and synthetic biology. Its products and services combine biological synthesis tools with chemistry. Iosynth began as an enzyme supplier, but has expanded to include services for organic chemistry and manufacturing.

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Services Offered


Meet Our Leadership

The management at ZST has hands-on professional and entrepreneurial experience in building global manufacturing enterprises.


Our Vision and Mission

We are a value-driven company with a focus on developing environmentally sustainable technologies and solutions. We aim to be a part of the solution by adopting manufacturing processes that lower our environmental impact while also creating value for our clients.


Enabling our clients to achieve their sustainability goals through our products and services


Developing, scaling and manufacturing chemicals and intermediates using sustainable, innovative and cost-effective technologies


Our Presence

We own several state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities.


Manufacturing Facility
at Pashamylaram

Pilot Scale Fermentation
at Bengaluru

Pilot Scale
at Hyderabad

R&D Unit
at Bengaluru