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We Develop Innovative Manufacturing Solutions With Low Environmental Impact

Green Chemistry

We have a state-of-the-art R&D facility with a highly qualified and experienced team that focuses on designing sustainable processes. Here are some of the methods we use:

  • Shortcut chemistry methods and novel transformations to achieve high atom economy
  • Novel catalysis for improved selectivity, specificity and speed of reactions
  • Parallel high throughput screening for process optimizations
  • Reducing usage of organic solvents and maximization of solvent replacement with water
  • Reducing effluent generation
  • Green extraction methods like super critical fluid extraction and subcritical water extraction


We combine the fields of biocatalysis or fermentation with traditional chemistry, allowing us to implement routes of synthesis that are cost-effective and more environment-friendly.

High focus on chiral molecules

Enzyme or microbial screening for identifying desirable catalysts

Fermentation and biocatalysis process optimization i.e. lab to pilot to industrial scale

Cost optimization through dosage optimization and enzyme recycling

Application of immobilized enzymes in continuous processes

Compliance with regulatory frameworks for biodiversity, biosafety and recombinant strains management

Synthetic Biology

Our wholly-owned subsidiary Iosynth is a biotech lab that specializes in synthetic biology and bio-transformations. Synthethic biology-based processes – fermentation, biocatalysis and chemical synthesis – are a core area of expertise. Our contract development and manufacturing services are built on a strategic foundation of deep biochemical capabilities, benefiting clients at every stage of the development and manufacturing process.